Is a Rebuilt Transmission Worth it for Cheney Drivers?

When your vehicle’s transmission is giving you trouble, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to rebuild or replace it. While there are pros and cons to each, choosing a rebuilt transmission stands out for several reasons. Learn more about how trusting a skilled auto repair technician to rebuild your transmission can benefit you, both in the short term and the long term.

A Good Rebuild Lasts

Taking your vehicle’s transmission apart, inspecting every piece and putting it back together essentially restores your transmission to factory settings. It can last as long as a newly installed transmission and for a fraction of the cost if it’s done well. 

Rebuilds Are Less Expensive

Deciding to fix your transmission problems by rebuilding it is likely to cost half as much as buying and installing a new transmission. While it’s pretty labor-intensive, a rebuild generally requires only the replacement of worn or damaged parts like seals. That means your parts costs will generally be lower than a transmission replacement. 

Preserve Your Car’s Value

When you pick the option of rebuilding instead of replacing, you may keep more of your car’s resale value. This is because the car’s original parts remain, as designed by the manufacturer, instead of an after-market replacement. Protecting your investment in this way allows you to get a higher asking price, and may attract buyers simply because it has original parts.

Are You Considering a Rebuilt Transmission for Your Vehicle in Cheney?

Davis Diesel & Auto Repair has a wealth of experience servicing diesel vehicles for over four decades. We also perform drivetrain repairs for automobiles of all makes and models. Count on our professionalism and dedication to excellence for all your auto repair needs. We offer convenient appointments, so contact us today!

Get Your Rebuilt Transmission Done by a Highly Trained Auto Shop Serving Cheney

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Auto Repair Warning Signs Around Davenport

auto repair warning signsHas your vehicle been performing erratically? Automobiles are sophisticated machinery with thousands of parts working in unison. If any one of these parts were to fail or wear out, then it’s only a matter of time before problems manifest. Here are some auto repair warning signs that all motorists near Deer Park should be mindful of. These issues warrant auto repair.

Dashboard Warning Light

A clear indicator you need repairs is a warning icon lighting up. Schedule an inspection if a warning light comes on. This is the vehicle’s way of relaying to the driver that something is wrong. Don’t brush this off as if it’s nothing. 

Odd Sounds While Driving or Stopping

Cars shouldn’t be making noises when you accelerate or hit the brake pedal. These are signs of something wrong with the vehicle. The issue can indicate a number of problems, such as drivetrain or suspension wear. Continue Reading →

Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel Vehicle in Spokane Valley

diesel maintenanceAs a diesel vehicle owner in Spokane Valley, we don’t need to remind you of the importance of diesel maintenance. Routine care ensures your diesel engine operates reliably consistently for many years. Here are some diesel maintenance tips to prolong the life of your vehicle. Following these tips will also minimize the need for major auto repairs

Protect Your Fuel System

To keep your diesel vehicle running in tip-top shape, inquire about preventative maintenance. One way to achieve this is through the use of fuel additives formulated specifically for diesel engines. Dirty fuel is a primary cause of premature engine failure.

Change the Motor Fluids

Your diesel vehicle’s longevity is heavily dependent on the fluids running through the system. This is why it’s so integral to follow vehicle manufacturer guidelines regarding fluid changes and flushes. Continue Reading →

Signs You Need Alternator Replacement Near Liberty Lake

alternator replacementAn alternator is an essential yet often overlooked component. Your car will give you signs when this part is starting to wear out. Learn to recognize the symptoms you require alternator replacement Near Liberty Lake. You don’t want to go for an extended period with this part on the brink of failure.

Starting Troubles

One symptom is trouble starting. When you turn the ignition, does the engine crank and whir several times before it starts? This is not normal and is a primary sign of a failing alternator. You will need to bring your vehicle in for auto repair.

Dimmed Lights

Do the dashboard lights and icons appear dimmer than usual? In addition, the headlights may also flicker or dim especially as you accelerate and pick up speed. Continue Reading →

Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips Near Chattaroy

diesel engine maintenanceDiesel cars and trucks are workhorses that produce impressive output. This is, however, taxing on the engine. This makes diesel engine maintenance near Chattaroy all the more important. Not giving it the professional care it needs will result in more trips to the auto body shop for major repairs and rebuilds. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind for preserving your diesel engine.

Monitor the Coolant

It’s absolutely vital to keep tabs on the coolant level. Low coolant levels can lead to the engine overheating. A technician should check coolant levels regularly. Aside from engine damage, low coolant can also indirectly reduce fuel economy.

Keep the Engine Clean

You should keep the engine clean. Every now and then, open the hood and check for obstructions, such as leaves that may impede airflow. Obstructed airflow leads to overheating and premature engine wear. Ultimately, you’ll need to schedule expensive auto repairs that were completely avoidable.

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Finding a Reliable Auto Repair Specialist in Spokane

auto repair specialistIs your vehicle experiencing trouble? You may need to bring your automobile to an auto repair specialist in Spokane. However, there are so many local auto shops in the area to select from. This can make it tricky to choose the most viable shop for your needs. Don’t settle for the shop that happens to be closest to you or has the lowest price. Quality of service must absolutely be the main factor.

1. Ask for Recommendations

An effective way to ensure you find a reputable service is to ask the people you know that also live relatively close by. They all likely own cars, meaning they had to have used auto repair services at some point in the recent past. Ask these people for references to the shop they used and were satisfied with.

2. Research Companies Online

Once you acquired a handful of references, dig further and examine the website of each company. Highlights to look for include certifications, money-back guarantee promises, years in operation, etc. You should also research whether the company provides the special services you need. If you need diesel repair, for example, not all auto shops may be able to service diesel engines.

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What You Need to Know about Alternator Repair and Maintenance Near Spangle

alternator repair, alternator maintenanceThe alternator is a critical automotive component. Your car won’t be able to run without it. This is why it’s critical to recognize the signs that you may need alternator repair near Spangle, Washington. Once you notice the symptoms, it’s time to bring your vehicle to the shop for auto repair.

How the Alternator Works

The alternator is located in the engine. It supplies power to the battery and electric components. Once the alternator wears, the engine will have trouble running, and the lights, radio, and infotainment will all seize to operate. Alternators usually last between 40,000 and 100,000 miles.

Signs of Failure

Recognizing symptoms early can offset costly repairs. Be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Pulsating headlights
  • Electrical burning smell
  • Alternator dashboard light coming on
  • Radio or other electrical components failing
  • Electrical parts going in and out when the car is in idle
  • Engine grinding noise


Timely alternator repair is imperative. If you hold off on repairs, it could cause further damage and lead to car failure altogether. Alternator repair will run around several hundred dollars, including parts and labor. The service also comes with a warranty. This is a financial safety net that covers future repairs should the part fail again.

Need Alternator Repair Near Spangle?

Do you suspect you need alternator repair near Spangle? Now that you know the signs to look for, schedule an evaluation at Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. Apart from alternator servicing, we also perform an array of other maintenance, including but not limited to drivetrain and diesel engine servicing. Our technicians have years of experience and access to state-of-the-art commercial equipment. Leave it to us to restore your vehicle to peak condition.

Alternator Repair and Maintenance Near Spangle

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Indications Your Vehicle Needs Brake Repair Near Rockford

brake repair, brake repair indicatorAre you able to recognize the signs of pending brake failure near Rockford, Washington? You may begin to notice that your car becomes increasingly less responsive. We can’t stress the importance of brake repair from a professional the minute you notice signs of faulty brakes. Continuing to drive like normal may place yourself and other motorists at risk. The following are signs of brakes that are on the brink of completely giving out. Make arrangements for auto repair if you notice any of these symptoms.

Grinding Sounds

An early sign of failing brakes is the emergence of constant grinding noise. The noise is especially noticeable as your car is coming to a stop. Even if the grinding is not that audible, it will only get worse over time if you take no action. The car needs attention from a professional right away.

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Auto Maintenance in Post Falls: Two-Wheel Drive vs. Four-Wheel Drive

two-wheel drive vs. four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive maintenance, four-wheel drive maintenance

Are you undecided between a two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicle near Post Falls, Washington? Before making a decision, consider the required auto care of each drivetrain type. This can affect the type of auto repair should you need extensive maintenance and parts replacement.

Driving Traction and Braking

Four-wheel drive vehicles provide additional straight-line traction, but they lack enhanced braking mechanisms. The power boost is allocated evenly across all four wheels. This means four-wheel-drive automobiles may need additional brake maintenance and repair over the life of the vehicle. This is especially so if you brake under heavy conditions, such as going over hills or are towing an item along.

Additional Maintenance Needs

Four-wheel-drive vehicles have a higher resale value, on average. However, these vehicles also spend more time in the auto shop. This is due to some parts requiring more maintenance. These parts include:

  • Front differentials
  • Rear differentials
  • Locking hubs
  • Self-leveling systems

Transfer Cases Equal Out

Both automobile types contain transfer cases. Both transfer case types will require about the same level of care. Expect extensive maintenance especially if you use your vehicle often for off-road use.

Need Two-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive Auto Care Near Post Falls?

Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles both have their respective advantages. The latter provides more power and robust handling in off-road conditions. However, it may also require more professional maintenance. Regardless of your car’s drivetrain, if there’s an issue, schedule an appointment with Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. Apart from drivetrain servicing, we also perform diesel maintenance. Both vehicle types are reliable as long as you follow automotive care guidelines.

Two-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive Auto Care Near Post Falls

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Auto Repair Tips: Is it Time to Replace Your Car Battery Near Rockford?

replace car battery

The average car battery has a lifespan of four to five years. However, battery deaths may occur more quickly if you frequently subject your car to severe driving conditions, such as stop-and-go driving. Sometimes, the battery will give off signs that it’s on the verge of failing. Learn to recognize the signs you need a car battery replacement near Rockford.

Slowly Cranking Engine

When you turn the ignition, does the engine crank several times before starting? This should never happen in a healthy car. This may be a sign of a dying battery. An automotive repair technician will need to examine your vehicle to determine the exact cause of a cranking engine.

Check Engine Light

Something is definitely wrong with your car battery if the check engine light with the battery icon lights up. This warrants an immediate trip to the auto shop.

Swollen Battery Case

Pop open the hood and examine the battery. Does the casing appear swollen? This may happen when the battery is exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods. A battery in this condition is likely unfit for further use and should be replaced at your local auto shop.

Need a Car Battery Replacement Near Rockford?

Do you suspect your battery may be on the brink of failing based on any of the above signs? If so, it may be time to schedule an appointment with Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. A dead battery can leave you stranded and cause serious delays and disruptions to your daily affairs. This is why it’s important not to ignore the signs of a possible faulty battery. We perform car battery replacement near Rockford for all models, including diesel vehicles. We also perform drivetrain repairs for conventional and commercial fleet vehicles.

Car Battery Replacement Near Rockford

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