Auto Maintenance in Post Falls: Two-Wheel Drive vs. Four-Wheel Drive

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Are you undecided between a two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicle near Post Falls, Washington? Before making a decision, consider the required auto care of each drivetrain type. This can affect the type of auto repair should you need extensive maintenance and parts replacement.

Driving Traction and Braking

Four-wheel drive vehicles provide additional straight-line traction, but they lack enhanced braking mechanisms. The power boost is allocated evenly across all four wheels. This means four-wheel-drive automobiles may need additional brake maintenance and repair over the life of the vehicle. This is especially so if you brake under heavy conditions, such as going over hills or are towing an item along.

Additional Maintenance Needs

Four-wheel-drive vehicles have a higher resale value, on average. However, these vehicles also spend more time in the auto shop. This is due to some parts requiring more maintenance. These parts include:

  • Front differentials
  • Rear differentials
  • Locking hubs
  • Self-leveling systems

Transfer Cases Equal Out

Both automobile types contain transfer cases. Both transfer case types will require about the same level of care. Expect extensive maintenance especially if you use your vehicle often for off-road use.

Need Two-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive Auto Care Near Post Falls?

Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles both have their respective advantages. The latter provides more power and robust handling in off-road conditions. However, it may also require more professional maintenance. Regardless of your car’s drivetrain, if there’s an issue, schedule an appointment with Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. Apart from drivetrain servicing, we also perform diesel maintenance. Both vehicle types are reliable as long as you follow automotive care guidelines.

Two-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive Auto Care Near Post Falls

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