Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel Vehicle in Cheney

diesel maintenanceDo you own a diesel vehicle in Cheney, Washington? If so, you probably already know how important proper diesel maintenance is. While it’s impossible to eliminate trips to the auto shop completely, there are several ways to help keep your car or truck running longer. Keep these helpful tips in mind when caring for your diesel vehicle in Cheney.

Protect Your Fuel System

To keep your diesel vehicle running strong, take steps to protect your fuel system. Speak with your auto specialist about preventative-maintenance, as well as diesel fuel additives.

Change Your Fluids

The lifespan of your diesel vehicle is heavily dependent upon the fluids running through it. Remember to schedule regular fluid replacement with your local auto repair shop in order to keep your car or truck running smoothly. Continue Reading →

Signs You Need Alternator Replacement in Liberty Lake

alternator replacementAs a car owner in Liberty Lake, Washington, you know just how important your vehicle’s alternator is. You may not know, however, how to identify when this vital component is failing. Alternator replacement is no joke and should be addressed by an auto specialist as soon as possible. Look for these indicators that you need alternator replacement. Then contact an auto shop in Liberty Lake for professional assistance right away.

Trouble Starting

One sign that it’s time for alternator replacement is difficulty starting your vehicle. If your car or truck turns over several times before starting, your alternator is probably wearing out.

Dimmed Lights

Dimmed dashboard, dome, and radio lights can also indicate that alternator replacement is necessary. You should absolutely seek auto repair if your lights dim or brighten when you accelerate. Continue Reading →

Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips in Chattaroy

diesel engine maintenanceDiesel vehicles work hard, so it’s important to take proper care of them. With the proper diesel engine maintenance, you can expect your truck to be with you for years to come. Neglecting your maintenance responsibilities, however, can result in more frequent trips to the auto shop. To prevent unnecessary diesel auto repairs, keep these tips in mind and remember to schedule regular diesel engine maintenance in Chattaroy.

Monitor Coolant

One of the most important aspects of diesel engine maintenance is monitoring your coolant. Without coolant, serious damage can occur. Have your diesel engine specialist check this regularly.

Keep Engine Clean

Additionally, you should make it a priority to keep your diesel engine clean. Making this part of your regular diesel engine maintenance routine will keep your vehicle running efficiently. Continue Reading →

Finding a Reliable Auto Repair Specialist in Spokane

auto repair specialistDo you need general auto repair in Spokane, Washington? If there’s an issue with your car or truck, it’s important to take it to a maintenance and repair shop right away for a thorough diagnostic check-up. With so many companies to choose from, finding a reliable auto repair specialist in your area can seem like a daunting task. Don’t give up your search or settle for subpar service because the price “seems right.” To receive the absolute best general auto maintenance and repair services follow this simple three step process.

1. Ask for Recommendations

The best way to find a reliable auto repair specialist in your area is to ask people you know for recommendations. Always check with family, friends, and coworkers first.

2. Look Up Companies Online

Once you have a few recommendations, take time to examine each one online. Take note of certifications and warranties, as well as services offered. Continue Reading →