Two-Wheel-Drive vs. Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles Near Coeur d’Alene

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Are you buying a new car in or around Coeur d’Alene but are undecided between a two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicle? You may be debating which of the two drivetrains is better for your commuting needs. We explain the difference so you can make an informed buying decision as well as learn the pros and cons of each.


Four-wheel-drive cars and trucks typically have more power. This extra power is distributed across all four wheels, which drastically boosts straight-line traction. 

Gas Mileage

While four-wheel-drive automobiles often have more horsepower, that extra power means decreased fuel efficiency. As the motorist, you have to make the decision between horsepower and gas mileage. Which one is of more value to you as a commuter?

Resale Value

Four-wheel-drive cars have a higher resale value on average, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a buyer that values higher horsepower and torque. This is especially so in the Pacific Northwest region, known for its off-road trails.


Four-wheel-drive vehicles require specialized maintenance. This entails servicing of components like the locking hubs, rear and front differentials, etc. Keep in mind that four-wheel-drive car maintenance is not a service every general auto repair shop may provide.

Need Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle Service Near Coeur d’Alene?

Should you opt for a four-wheel-drive automobile, Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley is one shop that provides maintenance for this drivetrain type. Our trained mechanics have the tools and hands-on experience to perform the proper diagnoses and subsequent maintenance or repairs. In addition, we also have years of experience working on civilian and commercial diesel vehicles. We handle all automobile types, from the conventional front-wheel-drive models to off-terrain vehicles.

Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicle Repair Near Coeur d’Alene

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Four-Wheel Drive Repair and Maintenance Tips Near Post Falls

four-wheel drive maintenance, four-wheel drive repair

Do you own a four-wheel-drive vehicle? These automobiles are designed for off-roading and handling heavier payloads. However, their architecture is also a bit different from their more common front-wheel-drive counterparts. This is why it’s important to have an auto repair specialist perform routine four-wheel-drive maintenance for your vehicle. Here are a few ways to ensure the car or truck remains in tiptop shape.

Keep the Transfer Case Lubricated

It’s very important that the transfer case is lubricated with fresh oil. This is essential for keeping the gears cool and preventing gear-to-gear friction. Have the mechanic check the fluid levels to confirm there is adequate lubrication and that the oil hasn’t gone stale.

Replace Differential Fluid Regularly

The differential enables the wheels to turn at different speeds. Fluctuating temperatures can lead to the differential fluid breaking down at the molecular level, making it less effective. A technician can inspect the differential fluids as part of a multi-point inspection.

Adjust Service to Use

Your car’s four-wheel-drive tune-up requirements will vary depending on the degree of use. How often do you drive the vehicle, and what are the typical road conditions? In other words, do you often use the vehicle for heavy-duty applications like off-roading or towing? A technician will specify maintenance intervals based on your driving habits.

Need Four-Wheel-Drive Maintenance Near Post Falls?

Are you the proud owner of an all-wheel-drive automobile? Such a vehicle requires great care from a professional technician. Now that you understand what goes into four-wheel-drive maintenance, it’s time to set up an appointment with Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. Our mechanics have years of experience working on vehicles of all drivetrains. We’re also the go-to auto shop for diesel engine services. Whatever your automotive repair needs, we make sure your vehicle performs to factory standards.

Four-Wheel-Drive Maintenance Near Post Falls

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Preparing for Diesel Engine Repair Near Davenport

diesel engine repair

Is your vehicle due for diesel engine repair near Davenport, Washington? It’s imperative to handle all auto repair and tune-ups in a timely fashion. Procrastinating can lead to considerable and expensive issues down the line. Be mindful of the following tips as you prepare yourself for an upcoming appointment with a technician.

Ask Questions

Determine who will specifically be diagnosing and making repairs on your vehicle. Ask as many questions as you need. This will clear up anything you may be uncertain of and also give you a peace of mind that the technician is competent and able-bodied for the task.

Request an Estimate in Writing

A reputable auto shop will give a quote for the service. In most instances, you can acquire an estimate at no cost, although it’s normal for some shops to charge a small fee. While an initial verbal quote is fine, verify the estimate is written in the contract once you agree to service.

Clean Your Car

Give your car a good wash before the appointment. This includes tidying up the interior as well. This just makes the technician’s job easier and may enable him/her to identify other potential issues that warrant attention as well.

Need Diesel Engine Repair Near Davenport?

Do you own a diesel vehicle that requires servicing? With the above preparation tips in mind, take the next step and contact Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley to receive a consultation. We have been providing reliable automotive services for motorists in Davenport and the surrounding area for years. Our technicians provide a range of services that also include diesel maintenance and drivetrain repair. If you’re a diesel car owner, make us your go-to shop for all of your automotive needs.

Diesel Engine Repair Experts Near Davenport

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Signs You Need Differential Maintenance or Repair Near Liberty Lake

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Do you sense there’s an issue with your car’s drivetrain? You might need to book differential maintenance near Liberty Lake. Early detection is essential, so be sure you talk to an auto repair technician right away. Get assistance if you detect any of the following signs.

Whining Sounds

An early sign of differential erosion is a constant whirring noise. The vehicle’s internal mechanisms become contaminated with dirt and sludge as the gearbox runs low on oil or the oil is dirty. You’ll need a mechanic to examine the issue and top off oil levels.

Slipping Gears 

Slipping gears and frequent jerking are two symptoms that you may need differential maintenance. Book an appointment with an auto shop without delay. Slipping gears are a sign that the gearbox lacks lubrication, which stems from low or thickening oil.

Burning Odors

Burning smells in your car are definitely not good. While this can stem from a myriad of causes, differential problems may possibly be the culprit. Burning smells may indicate low oil, or it can indicate a faulty critical component. A technician will need to determine whether you need drivetrain repair.

We Perform Differential Maintenance Near Liberty Lake

Have you noticed one or more of the above signs? If you notice any oddities in your vehicle, contact Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley to schedule servicing as soon as you can. Whether you need differential maintenance or not, there is likely an underlying issue that requires professional assistance. Aside from differential repair, we also perform a number of other essential automotive services, including diesel repair services and general auto care.

Liberty Lake Differential Maintenance

Serving the communities of Spokane Valley, Chattaroy, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Davenport, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Rockford, Spangle, Medical Lake, and Deer Park

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Important Summer Auto Maintenance Near Cheney

summer auto maintenance

Have you arranged the needed summer auto maintenance checkups for your vehicle near Cheney, Washington? Early diagnosis is the ideal way to offset pricey auto repair. Request the following inspections every summer to prevent needless expenses and keep your automobile in tip-top shape.


Heat can cause liquids to evaporate more rapidly. Ask the mechanic to examine the fluids that may be running low. It’s also important that you consistently monitor and change or flush your motor oil.


We recommend a tire check at the beginning and end of every season. Even a small deviation in temperature can affect tire pressure. In addition to a tread and pressure inspection, also inquire whether the tires need to be rotated. The mechanic may also discover that the tires need to be balanced and/or aligned.

Air Conditioning System

The summer is the worse time of year for your AC to fail. Have the system looked at and fill coolant levels if low. The technician may be able to provide additional suggestions on how to keep the cabin cool without over-relying on the AC.

Need Summer Auto Maintenance Near Cheney?

Though summer is winding down, hot temperatures still linger into the early fall season. Make summer auto maintenance a priority by visiting Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. We have proudly served motorists all over Cheney and surrounding cities for many years. Our crew possesses the industry knowledge and hands-on experience working with vehicles of all makes and models. This includes diesel repair as well as drivetrain repair. Whatever the job, we perform the repair and maintenance with the utmost precision and diligent care.

Summer Auto Maintenance Pros Near Cheney

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Understanding Drivetrain Repair Near Chattaroy

drivetrain repair

How much do you know about drivetrain repair services in Chattaroy? The more versed you are in your vehicle, the better prepped you’ll be when issues arise. While an auto repair technician will need to diagnose the issue and address it appropriately, you should have a baseline knowledge of the parts that make your car operate. This will help you identify the signs of a problem and save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on auto repair. Keep the following info in mind in regards to drivetrain servicing. 

The Basics

A car’s drivetrain makes up of the engine, transmission, wheels, and driveshaft. This system creates the power to propel the vehicle into motion. Even a minor malfunction with one of these parts may require drivetrain diagnostics. 

Signs of Trouble

Your automobile will give you hints that it needs repairs. Book an appointment with a technician if you hear high-pitched, grinding, or squealing sounds. Noises apart from the steady engine hum warrant your immediate attention.


You can’t hold off on going to a repair shop indefinitely, but you can take measures that minimize the need for drivetrain repair. Be cognizant of irregularities and bring your car in for maintenance if you suspect something is wrong.

Need to Schedule Chattaroy Drivetrain Repair Services?

Do you believe your car is due for drivetrain repair? Now that you have a baseline understanding of the drivetrain, it’s time to schedule a visit with Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. Apart from drivetrain servicing, we also provide diesel maintenance and general automotive maintenance. Whatever you need, let us be your go-to auto care team. 

Chattaroy Drivetrain Repair Professionals

Serving the communities of Spokane Valley, Chattaroy, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Davenport, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Rockford, Spangle, Medical Lake, and Deer Park

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Cheney Auto Repair Tips: Handling Engine Overheating

engine overheating, auto repair tips

Is your car’s engine overheating near Cheney, Washington? While your car will likely require some degree of auto repair, your safety is of utmost priority. Smoke coming out of the hood can be a scary scenario, but it’s important to remain calm to keep yourself and fellow motorists safe.

Overheating is a sign of an issue occurring as you drive. Whatever the problem, it needs to be diagnosed by a mechanic. In the meantime, you, as the driver, need to take the following steps.

Turn Off Your Vehicle

If the engine overheats, pull over when it’s safe to do so and turn off the ignition. While you may require Cheney auto repair services, it may not be good for the health of your car to continue driving. Allow the engine ample time to cool off.

Don’t Touch Anything

You may be tempted to open the hood of your vehicle to see what’s going on. However, it’s better to wait for several minutes as the engine may be scalding hot. Refrain from touching the radiator cap. Bring your car to the auto shop, so the mechanic can check under the hood once the vehicle has sufficiently cooled down.

Wait for Your Engine to Cool

Once you pulled over, it may be tempting to drive to the nearest auto shop. However, it’s safer to call a tow service. At the very least, wait until the car has completely cooled if you choose to continue to drive.

Engine Overheating? Call Our Auto Shop Near Cheney

An overheated engine is a serious problem and warrants professional automotive assistance ASAP. Bring or tow your car to Davis Diesel for a diagnosis. Our crew can safely examine under the hood and accurately identify the issue. We perform a diverse range of services from diesel repair to drivetrain maintenance.

Prevent Engine Overheating Near Cheney

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Are You Paying too Much for Diesel Service in Liberty Lake?

diesel service

Are you concerned you’re footing more than you think you should for diesel service in Liberty Lake, Washington? Whether you require diesel maintenance or diesel repair, it’s imperative to know that you aren’t paying more than the local average rate. Determining this can be tricky, though, particularly if you’re not that familiar with the industry. Sadly, a lot of auto shops price-gouge and take advantage of unsuspecting customers. This is why we implore diesel vehicle owners to do their research beforehand.

Research Local Averages

To be sure you aren’t overcharged, familiarize yourself with how much diesel shops charge for the type of service you need. Keep in mind that prices can vary according to region, so be sure to confine the research to your local area and not research estimates from a town two cities over.

Schedule Consultations

Most shops will examine your vehicle and provide a free or low-cost estimate. After the initial examination, you are by no means locked into an agreement and obligated to agree to services. We recommend acquiring more than one estimate.

Compare Estimates

Once you have three or four estimates, compare the quotes. Is one quote widely different from the others? It’s also important to note that the company offering the lowest estimate may not necessarily be the one you should choose. Consider other factors, such as customer reviews, staff courtesy, etc.

Need a Diesel Service Near Liberty Lake?

Are you in search of a trustworthy diesel service? Now that you know what to look out for, you have the knowledge you need to identify a shop that’s legitimate and prices its service accordingly. To kickstart your search, contact Davis Diesel in Spokane Valley. We provide industry-level diagnostics on residential and commercial fleet diesel vehicles. Our services are comprehensive and include general auto repair as well.

Liberty Lake Diesel Service Experts

Serving the communities of Spokane Valley, Chattaroy, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Davenport, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Rockford, Spangle, Medical Lake, and Deer Park

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What You Should Know About Drivetrain Repairs Near Chattaroy

Diesel Drivetrains, Drivetrain Repair, Differential RepairHow familiar are you with your car’s drivetrain in Chattaroy, Washington? Many motorists are completely caught off guard when their vehicle needs drivetrain repairs. This stems from being unable to recognize possible issues before an auto technician is able to identify them. It’s a smart move for car owners to have at a minimum a base level of knowledge of their car’s drivetrain. Bearing the following information in mind may prevent drivetrain damage from exacerbating.

Drivetrain System 101

The drivetrain generates the needed power to get your vehicle to move. It consists of the engine, transmission, wheels, and driveshaft. These parts are all integral and must remain in tiptop shape; otherwise, drivetrain repair may be required.

Signs of Trouble

There are various telltale signs of drivetrain problems. If you notice clunking during shifting, vibrations while accelerating, or high-pitched sounds, you should take your car to a drivetrain repair shop ASAP.

Fast Response Is Key

The ideal way to prevent high-cost drivetrain repairs is to act quickly. Continuing to drive your vehicle as is will only lead to further damage and erosion of critical components.

Require Drivetrain Repairs Near Chattaroy?

Need to make arrangements for drivetrain repair for your car or truck near Chattaroy? Now that you understand the inner workings of the drivetrain, you can respond accordingly when problems arise. If your car needs servicing, contact Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley today. We always provide on-the-spot advice, top-notch labor work, and courteous customer care! Our licensed crew members have the know-how, skills, and commercial tools needed to complete repairs to industry standards. You can also depend on us to provide diesel maintenance and general auto repairs.

Drivetrain Repairs Near Chattaroy

Serving the communities of Spokane Valley, Chattaroy, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Davenport, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Rockford, Spangle, Medical Lake, and Deer Park

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Ask These Questions Before Going to a New Diesel Repair Shop in Deer Park

diesel repair shop, diesel repairAre you having issues with your diesel vehicle in Deer Park, Washington? Finding a trustworthy diesel repair shop can feel like an imposing task, especially if you’ve never had to rely on an auto shop. Finding a shop that provides impeccable service at an affordable price can seem monumental. To find an auto technician who is qualified to service your vehicle, it’s essential that you ask educated questions. Make the following inquiries before finalizing your selection.

Have You Worked with This Make and Model?

Whether you require diesel maintenance or repair, you should choose a shop with many years of experience. Inquire whether the technicians have serviced your vehicle type before.

Is Your Shop Affiliated with Any Automotive Associations?

Inquire whether the shop belongs to any automotive groups. Longstanding orgs like AAA and American Service Association set stringent standards that members must follow. Continue Reading →