Signs You Need Differential Maintenance or Repair Near Liberty Lake

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Do you sense there’s an issue with your car’s drivetrain? You might need to book differential maintenance near Liberty Lake. Early detection is essential, so be sure you talk to an auto repair technician right away. Get assistance if you detect any of the following signs.

Whining Sounds

An early sign of differential erosion is a constant whirring noise. The vehicle’s internal mechanisms become contaminated with dirt and sludge as the gearbox runs low on oil or the oil is dirty. You’ll need a mechanic to examine the issue and top off oil levels.

Slipping Gears 

Slipping gears and frequent jerking are two symptoms that you may need differential maintenance. Book an appointment with an auto shop without delay. Slipping gears are a sign that the gearbox lacks lubrication, which stems from low or thickening oil.

Burning Odors

Burning smells in your car are definitely not good. While this can stem from a myriad of causes, differential problems may possibly be the culprit. Burning smells may indicate low oil, or it can indicate a faulty critical component. A technician will need to determine whether you need drivetrain repair.

We Perform Differential Maintenance Near Liberty Lake

Have you noticed one or more of the above signs? If you notice any oddities in your vehicle, contact Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley to schedule servicing as soon as you can. Whether you need differential maintenance or not, there is likely an underlying issue that requires professional assistance. Aside from differential repair, we also perform a number of other essential automotive services, including diesel repair services and general auto care.

Liberty Lake Differential Maintenance

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