Cheney Auto Repair Tips: Handling Engine Overheating

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Is your car’s engine overheating near Cheney, Washington? While your car will likely require some degree of auto repair, your safety is of utmost priority. Smoke coming out of the hood can be a scary scenario, but it’s important to remain calm to keep yourself and fellow motorists safe.

Overheating is a sign of an issue occurring as you drive. Whatever the problem, it needs to be diagnosed by a mechanic. In the meantime, you, as the driver, need to take the following steps.

Turn Off Your Vehicle

If the engine overheats, pull over when it’s safe to do so and turn off the ignition. While you may require Cheney auto repair services, it may not be good for the health of your car to continue driving. Allow the engine ample time to cool off.

Don’t Touch Anything

You may be tempted to open the hood of your vehicle to see what’s going on. However, it’s better to wait for several minutes as the engine may be scalding hot. Refrain from touching the radiator cap. Bring your car to the auto shop, so the mechanic can check under the hood once the vehicle has sufficiently cooled down.

Wait for Your Engine to Cool

Once you pulled over, it may be tempting to drive to the nearest auto shop. However, it’s safer to call a tow service. At the very least, wait until the car has completely cooled if you choose to continue to drive.

Engine Overheating? Call Our Auto Shop Near Cheney

An overheated engine is a serious problem and warrants professional automotive assistance ASAP. Bring or tow your car to Davis Diesel for a diagnosis. Our crew can safely examine under the hood and accurately identify the issue. We perform a diverse range of services from diesel repair to drivetrain maintenance.

Prevent Engine Overheating Near Cheney

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