Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips Near Chattaroy

diesel engine maintenanceDiesel cars and trucks are workhorses that produce impressive output. This is, however, taxing on the engine. This makes diesel engine maintenance near Chattaroy all the more important. Not giving it the professional care it needs will result in more trips to the auto body shop for major repairs and rebuilds. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind for preserving your diesel engine.

Monitor the Coolant

It’s absolutely vital to keep tabs on the coolant level. Low coolant levels can lead to the engine overheating. A technician should check coolant levels regularly. Aside from engine damage, low coolant can also indirectly reduce fuel economy.

Keep the Engine Clean

You should keep the engine clean. Every now and then, open the hood and check for obstructions, such as leaves that may impede airflow. Obstructed airflow leads to overheating and premature engine wear. Ultimately, you’ll need to schedule expensive auto repairs that were completely avoidable.

Change the Fuel Filter

Change the fuel filter every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. You may need to change the filter sooner if you subject your vehicle to heavy use, such as off-roading and towing.

Don’t Forget Oil Changes

Diesel vehicles require oil changes every 5,000 miles or so. A technician will check the condition of the existing oil and schedule an oil change. If the oil is really degraded, then a full oil flush may be necessary.

Need Diesel Engine Maintenance Near Chattaroy?

Now that you understand why diesel engine maintenance matters a great deal, take action and schedule an appointment at Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. Our specialty doesn’t just include diesel care. It includes a plethora of other automotive services, such as drivetrain repairs. Whether you need general maintenance or a specific part replacement, leave it to our crew to perform the initial inspections and subsequent repairs, if required. 

Expert Diesel Engine Maintenance Near Chattaroy

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