Four-Wheel Drive Repair and Maintenance Tips in Post Falls

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How much do you know about four-wheel drive repair and maintenance in Post Falls, Idaho? If you drive a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle, it’s important to address auto repair and maintenance needs in a timely manner. Because these vehicles are a little different than others, however, some drivers aren’t familiar with their unique needs. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure that your four-wheel drive car or truck remains functional for years to come. 

Keep Transfer Case Lubricated

One very important four-wheel drive repair and maintenance tip is to keep the transfer case well lubricated. Always ask your auto repair technician to check fluid levels. Proper lubrication keeps gears cool and helps them turn smoothly.

Replace Differential Fluid Regularly

The differential allows your wheels to turn at different speeds. High temperatures cause differential fluid to break down, so your auto shop will need to replace it regularly. 

Adjust Service to Use

It’s important to realize that your vehicle’s four-wheel drive repair and maintenance service needs will be based on its use. How often the car or truck is driven, as well as the type of driving (rugged off-road, stop-and-go traffic, etc.) will greatly impact the necessary care.

Need Four-Wheel Drive Repair or Maintenance in Post Falls?

Do you need four-wheel drive repair or maintenance in Post Falls, Idaho? Now that you know a little more about your vehicle’s needs, you’ll be better prepared for your next service appointment. Contact David Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley with questions or to request a quote today. Our highly-trained technicians have served the Post Falls community for many years and always provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. Drivers throughout the region also regularly depend on our shop for superior diesel repair, diesel maintenance and drivetrain repair

Four-Wheel Drive Repair and Maintenance in Post Falls

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