Four-Wheel Drive Repair and Maintenance Tips Near Post Falls

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Do you own a four-wheel-drive vehicle? These automobiles are designed for off-roading and handling heavier payloads. However, their architecture is also a bit different from their more common front-wheel-drive counterparts. This is why it’s important to have an auto repair specialist perform routine four-wheel-drive maintenance for your vehicle. Here are a few ways to ensure the car or truck remains in tiptop shape.

Keep the Transfer Case Lubricated

It’s very important that the transfer case is lubricated with fresh oil. This is essential for keeping the gears cool and preventing gear-to-gear friction. Have the mechanic check the fluid levels to confirm there is adequate lubrication and that the oil hasn’t gone stale.

Replace Differential Fluid Regularly

The differential enables the wheels to turn at different speeds. Fluctuating temperatures can lead to the differential fluid breaking down at the molecular level, making it less effective. A technician can inspect the differential fluids as part of a multi-point inspection.

Adjust Service to Use

Your car’s four-wheel-drive tune-up requirements will vary depending on the degree of use. How often do you drive the vehicle, and what are the typical road conditions? In other words, do you often use the vehicle for heavy-duty applications like off-roading or towing? A technician will specify maintenance intervals based on your driving habits.

Need Four-Wheel-Drive Maintenance Near Post Falls?

Are you the proud owner of an all-wheel-drive automobile? Such a vehicle requires great care from a professional technician. Now that you understand what goes into four-wheel-drive maintenance, it’s time to set up an appointment with Davis Diesel & Auto Repair in Spokane Valley. Our mechanics have years of experience working on vehicles of all drivetrains. We’re also the go-to auto shop for diesel engine services. Whatever your automotive repair needs, we make sure your vehicle performs to factory standards.

Four-Wheel-Drive Maintenance Near Post Falls

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