Noisy, Smelly or Slow Car? You May Need Exhaust Repair in Post Falls

Most standard auto repairs, such as slow-responding brakes or a flat tire, are easily identifiable. However, your car’s exhaust system, an essential component to ensuring the safe operation of your vehicle and its fuel efficiency, may not be as obvious a fix. Do you know the signs you need exhaust repair? You can learn more here so you can be prepared. 

Loud Engine or Muffler Sounds

Roaring, rattling and similar loud sounds from the engine or your car’s muffler are not normal. It could be a poor muffler, a broken catalytic converter, or damage to other pipes that carry gasses away from your engine. But, a skilled auto mechanic is the best person to diagnose the problem reliably.

Strong Odors

You can often tell a lot about your car’s health from any smells present when you start and run it. You should not be able to detect any exhaust smell inside the car. If you do, that leak could be dangerous to your health.

Poor Acceleration

It could be the exhaust system when you press the gas pedal, and your car doesn’t speed up very well. When the right mix of air and fuel is not present, the combustion that makes the car go doesn’t happen as efficiently as it’s supposed to, and acceleration lags.

Could Your Vehicle Need Exhaust Repair Near Post Falls?

Davis Diesel & Auto Repair has a wealth of experience servicing diesel vehicles for over four decades, and we hold NAPA Auto Care Center and Automotive Service Association memberships. We also perform drivetrain repairs and car repairs for automobiles of all makes and models. Count on our professionalism and dedication to excellence as ASE Certified Master Technicians for all your auto repair needs. In addition, we offer convenient appointments, so contact us for exhaust repair today!

Dedicated Auto Technicians with Exhaust Repair Experience Serving Post Falls

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