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Owning and operating diesel-engine trucks or vehicles often includes hauling, towing, and other heavy-duty tasks. To ensure your vehicle remains in reliable, optimal condition, regular maintenance is not just recommended—it's vital. Proactively keeping up with routine maintenance and addressing minor issues can help prevent more expensive and complex repairs down the line.

Signs My Diesel Engine Needs Immediate Repair

Watch out for these signs—they may indicate that your diesel engine needs immediate attention:

  • Difficulty Starting: Issues like low compression or fuel delivery problems can make starting your engine a challenge.
  • Unusual Noises: Inconsistent sounds or engine knocking could point to problems with fuel injectors or other components.
  • Smoke Emission: Black or white smoke could indicate an incorrect fuel/air ratio or an internal leak.

If you encounter any of these issues, bring your vehicle to a trusted local mechanic, such as Davis Diesel Automotive, for a comprehensive inspection and repair as soon as possible.

The Most Reliable Diesel Repair Shop in Your Area

Davis Diesel Automotive has been a trusted name in truck and diesel engine repair services for Spokane Valley, Washington, and other local communities since 1984. With decades of experience and years of expertise, our comprehensive services include a wide range of makes and models.

From regular maintenance and general inspections to major diesel engine repair services, we’ll help you get your vehicle back on the road in no time. Here's a snapshot of the types of diesel engines we specialize in:

Diesel Engines We Specialize in Repairing

  • Ford Power Stroke Engines: Produced by Ford since 2010, these engines are celebrated for their fuel efficiency, power, and lightweight design.
  • Chevrolet Duramax Diesel Engines: Known for high torque, these engines enhance your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity, exhaust braking, and fuel efficiency.
  • Cummins Engines: A Fortune 500 company, Cummins is renowned for its advanced diesel and natural gas-powered engines. These are commonly found in Dodge RAMs and other vehicles.
  • And more!

Professional Diesel Truck Services: Repair, Maintenance, & More

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services for a wide variety of diesel engines and trucks. Please feel free to use the service and maintenance checklist below as a beginner’s guide to keeping your truck in prime condition.

Air Filter Replacements

A clean air filter ensures your engine 'breathes' efficiently. A dirty filter can lead to particle buildup, increased fuel consumption, and reduced performance. Diesel engine air filters should typically be replaced every 15,000 miles to 30,000 miles. However, this estimate can fluctuate based on various driving factors and conditions. Early warning signs, such as reduced power and poor acceleration, should prompt preemptive replacement.

Check Fluid Levels

Maintaining proper fluid levels is a fundamental aspect of diesel truck care. Keeping a close eye on the acidity and levels of your engine coolant is essential to prevent corrosion and overheating. Regularly inspect your vehicle’s oil and windshield washer fluid levels, especially before embarking on long drives or venturing off-road.

Diesel Engine Cleaning

Diesel engines, often known for their longevity, perform best with regular cleanings. Dust, dirt, and various driving conditions can significantly shorten an engine's life and efficiency. Getting your engine regularly cleaned and flushed can make a huge long-term difference.

Diesel Engine Repair Service

Our repair shop specializes in comprehensive diesel services for both residential vehicles and commercial trucks. We excel in comprehensive diesel engine repairs, precise rebuilds, and efficient replacements using top-quality parts. With a team of certified professionals, decades of experience, and the latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we provide customized solutions to meet your needs, minimize vehicle downtime, and restore your diesel engine to its best performance.

Exhaust System Maintenance

The health of your exhaust system is integral to your truck's overall performance and environmental impact. Routine checks enable the early detection of issues, preventing more extensive and costly problems down the road.

Gasket Monitoring

Given the extreme conditions they endure, regularly inspecting your engine's gaskets is essential to prevent leaks and other issues. If one gasket starts leaking, it's often wise to replace them all.

Glow Plug Inspections

Properly functioning glow plugs are vital, especially during colder seasons. Regular inspections can prevent ignition issues, keeping your truck reliable when you need it most.

Routine Oil & Filter Replacements

For diesel engines, neglecting oil and filter changes can be disastrous. Old, dirty oil leads to unnecessary engine stress. Typically, most diesel trucks require an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. However, this figure may fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including driving conditions, frequency of use, truck model, age of the truck, and mileage, among others. We recommend consulting your manufacturer’s manual for more information and specific maintenance guidelines.

For more in-depth care and preventative repairs, Davis Diesel Automotive is here to assist. Avoid the pitfalls of neglecting regular maintenance and ensure your truck's longevity with our team.

Spokane Valley’s Comprehensive Diesel Repair Specialists

Davis Diesel Automotive provides a wide range of diesel maintenance and repair services. We cater to customers across Washington and Idaho, including areas like Spokane Valley, Chattaroy, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Davenport, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Rockford, and beyond.

As a full-service auto repair center, our expertise isn't limited to diesel vehicles. We also excel in servicing a wide range of domestic cars, trucks, sedans, SUVs, and more. Our team is composed of ASE-Certified Master Technicians who bring a higher level of skill and precision to every job. Whether your vehicle has a gasoline or diesel engine, we guarantee that every car entering our shop receives the highest level of care and attention.

Schedule your appointment online or reach out to us at 509-892-3836 today!

Debunking Myths

At Davis Diesel Automotive in Spokane Valley, Washington, we often encounter the misconception that diesel vehicles are less fuel-efficient than their gasoline counterparts. However, this is a myth we're eager to debunk.

While both types of engines mix and compress fuel and air, the key difference lies in the ignition process: gasoline engines rely on spark plugs, whereas diesel engines generate heat through compression. Despite the potentially higher cost of diesel fuel, its superior efficiency per gallon makes diesel a practical choice. Notably, renowned brands like Ford, Chevrolet, RAM, VW, and more now offer diesel options, highlighting its growing popularity and viability in today's automotive landscape.

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